Travel Agent Support

Founded by a travel agent, Entertainment Cruise Productions (ECP) values the relationship with our travel partners. We not only work with travel agents but provide personal, individual assistance, webinars, training and marketing materials and some of the highest commissions in the industry. Our policy is to fully support agents actively trying to sell our programs and compensate agents who are successful in doing so through our tiered commission structure. The support and commission schedules below pertain to the following 2017 cruise programs: The Smooth Jazz Cruise, The Jazz Cruise, Blue Note At Sea, The 80s Cruise, NASCAR: The Cruise and Star Trek: The Cruise.

WTAN Members are encouraged to submit marketing ideas and plans for consideration, review, modification and funding. ECP liberally funds the efforts of any WTAN Member who submits a meaningful and well thought out plan. ECP prides itself on its vast array of marketing assets, materials and advertisements, many of which can easily be tailored for the WTAN Member.

Travel Agent Commission / Compensation System

Becoming a WTAN Member/Compensation for Initial Sales

  • Becoming a WTAN Member. To become a WTAN Member is simple, and there is no charge to join. We have streamlined the registration process. By registering at, you will be able to take advantage of the numerous marketing materials we provide. Here at ECP, we want to ensure that our associated travel agents are informed and knowledgeable of all of our programs. WTAN members are afforded special pricing, special terms and conditions, and information ahead of the public.
  • Compensation for Initial Sales: Until the WTAN Member becomes a Qualified WTAN Member, the commission for any sale of cabins on ECP programs shall be $150/cabin. The balance of the commission due, based upon a One Star Qualified WTAN Member shall be held for the WTAN Member until qualification (see below), at which time the balance of the commissions earned shall be paid.

Becoming a “Qualified” WTAN Member/Compensation

  • Becoming a Qualified WTAN Member: For a WTAN Member to receive commissions for the sale of a cabin on an ECP program, the WTAN Member must “qualify” by selling five (5) cabins, in the aggregate, on ECP Programs. Once a WTAN Member has sold the five cabin requirement, the WTAN Member is a Qualified WTAN Member for the ensuing twelve (12) months (Qualifying Term). The Qualifying Term is reevaluated from time to time based upon subsequent sales by the WTAN Member.


Intro Qualifying WTAN: Initial Cabin Sales

Applies to The Smooth Jazz Cruise, The Jazz Cruise, Blue Note At Sea, and The 80's Cruise
1-5 Cabins $150/cabin

Qualified WTAN Members

Applies to The Smooth Jazz Cruise, The Jazz Cruise, Blue Note At Sea, and The 80's Cruise
2017/2018 Cabin SalesCommission2017/2018 Cabin SalesCommission
One Star1 to 107%1 to 105%
11 to 208%11 to 206%
21 to 309%21 to 307%
Two Star1 to 108%1 to 106%
11 to 209%11 to 207%
21 to 3010%21 to 308%
Three Star1 to 109%1 to 107%
11 to 2010%11 to 208%
21 to 3011%21 to 309%


NASCAR: The Cruise - WTAN Commission $200 per cabin
Star Trek: The Cruise - WTAN Commission Interior cabins and Ocean View cabins $150/per cabin
Verandas and Haven Suites $200/cabin



  • Commissionable Amount Determination
    • ECP Programs offering separate Stateroom and “Other Charges” billing: For these programs, the Commissionable Amount is the actual charge stated for the “Stateroom”.
    • ECP Programs offering Everything Contained Pricing Rate: For these programs, the Commissionable Amount shall be determined by ECP upon the initiation of the program and shall be communicated to the WTAN Members accordingly.
    • Right to Adjust Rates and Commissionable Amount: ECP shall have the right to prospectively adjust the rates and the Commissionable Amounts at any time.
  • Star Designation Whether a Qualified WTAN Member is a One, Two or Three Star Qualified WTAN Member is within the full and complete discretion of ECP and may change from time to time based upon such circumstances and information as ECP deems important.


Travel Agent Personal Cabin

  • WTAN Agents do not earn commission on their personal cabin.
  • For every commissionable cabin the WTAN Agent sells that agent shall receive a 2% discount off their personal cabin purchased at the full fare price (max: 10%), thereby allowing the WTAN Agent to earn the equivalent of a 10% commission.


Tour Conductor Allowance

In addition to Commissions, WTAN Agents can earn a Tour Conductor (TC) cabin, based upon the following:

  • 1 free berth (not including taxes) for 15 berths sold within any Cruise Schedule; i.e. 16th Berth is Free (not including taxes).
  • In determining what is a “Berth Sold” for the purpose of the Tour Conductor Allowance, the following chart shall govern:





Sale Type"Berths"Sale Type"Berths"
  • The “free” berth shall be in the cabin category most represented by the berths sold in either ocean view or veranda category.
  • The number of berths sold is based upon double occupancy. Triples and quads do not count in the berth count.
  • This compensation is in lieu of the discount set forth in the Travel Agent Personal Cabin program.