Terms and Conditions

  1. Commissions may be earned from the sale of cabins on Entertainment Cruise Productions (ECP) Programs only by registered WTAN members (WTAN Agents). No other travel agent or agency will be entitled to earn commissions. (Please note that registration is simple and cost free.)
  2. All Invoices and Cruise Documents will be sent either to the WTAN Agent or to the guest, as directed by the WTAN Agent, but no Cruise Documents will be sent unless, and until there has been, full payment for the applicable reservation.
  3. Commissions are paid one week prior to sailing date, again, providing that full payment has been received for the reservation. No commission will be paid without an appropriate tax form on file.
  4. Commissions are paid on the rate charged for the cabin (exclusive of port charges, fees, taxes, hotel, trip insurance etc.)
  5. WTAN Agents may not “net” their commission when submitting payment on behalf of a guest to ECP. Unless and until full payment is received, ECP shall not be required to pay any commission to WTAN Agents.
  6. Commissions will not be paid to WTAN Agents who submit a tax form 90 days after the cruise completion date.
  7. Any person/s that has booked directly with, and sailed on, an ECP cruise within 2 years of the date of the reservations is considered an ECP “House Account” and therefore any sale thereto is non-commissionable. Commissionable cabins for each cruise may be capacity controlled, both as to number of cabins for sale and types of cabins for sale.
  8. WTAN Agents will not earn commission on their own cabin, nor can they earn a commission on another travel agent’s cabin.
  9. Should a reservation initiated by any WTAN Agent cancel for any reason whatsoever, ECP reserves the right to recall all commissions due or paid.
  10. In submitting credit card payment on behalf of the guest, the WTAN Agent acknowledges and represents that they have full authority to charge the client’s account and they hold the client’s “signature on file”.
  11. Deposits and Final Payments are the responsibility of the WTAN Agents on behalf of the booked clients. Please contact the WTAN Help Desk for information on our Sail Away Payment Plan and other payment arrangements. Please note that, with any of the ECP payment plans, all payments are non-refundable.
  12. Purchase of travel insurance is highly recommended. Though a guest may purchase travel insurance directly from the WTAN Agent, ECP reserves the right to require written evidence of either the purchase or the informed rejection of travel insurance.
  13. By completing the registration form, WTAN Agents agree to comply with and be bound by the aforementioned terms and conditions, which may change at any time by posting notice on the ECP web site.