Client Reservation Methods

There are several methods of completing a reservation with ECP.  Regardless of method, all reservations require a non-refundable deposit.  Deposit amounts vary for each cruise and cabin type. Please check the appropriate cruise website for the most current deposit amount.

  • Unassisted Online Reservation

    Unassisted Online Reservation

    We encourage you to utilize our fast and easy online reservation system. The online system gives you access to live cabin inventory and the ability for you to directly manage your clients' reservations. You may complete the reservation by following the below steps.

    The first time you use this system, you will be required to reset the password. Use this button and follow the instructions. Enter the email address, first name and last name the same way you entered it on your travel agent registration form.

    Reset Password

  • Assisted Reservation via Online Email

    Assisted Reservation via Online Email

    You may also email your reservation to Lisa Lowry, Director of Travel Agent Programs, at

    Required Information for each guest in the cabin:

    • Desired Cruise Program
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Gender
    • Date of birth
    • We use the travel agent phone number and email address for the reservation
    • Mailing address for final document shipment
    • T-shirt size - Unisex Size, available Medium through Triple Extra Large
    • Cabin Category
    • Cabin number (if they know it.  If that one cabin is not available then we can place them close to it)
    • Dining Preference - first dining tends to fill quickly and might not be available
      • 6pm dinner/9:30 show
      • 8:30pm dinner/6pm show
    • Payment plan
    • Please note if guests are paying separately
  • Assisted Reservation via Online Form

    Assisted Reservation via Online Form

    The Assisted Client Reservation Form is available for you to submit reservations. Submission of this form does not guarantee cabin availability, which can change at any time without prior notice. If you are requesting multiple CABINS, you must complete a separate request form for EACH cabin. The form is received by a travel agent coordinator and is entered in the system within 24 hours.  A confirmation invoice is emailed to you and a deposit is due at that time.

    Agent Info

    First Name (required)

    Last Name (required)

    Direct Email Address (required)

    Direct Telephone Number (required)

    Please note the following.
    Final documents are shipped approximately 60 days prior to sail date. In the address field, enter the client’s address if you wish for the documents to go directly to the client. Enter your address if you wish for the documents to be delivered to you. You are responsible to deliver the documents to the client if it is shipped to you. The documents will not be reshipped if you provide the incorrect address.

    Delivery Method
     Please ship the documents to me. Please send the documents directly to the guest.

    Agent/Agency Delivery Info

    Agency Street Address



    Zip/Postal Code


    Reservation Info


    Requested Cabin Number

    Guest #1 (Info Must Match Passport)

    First Name *

    Last Name *

    Gender *
     Male Female

    Date of birth

    T-shirt Size (Unisex) *

    Guest #2 (Info Must Match Passport)

    First Name

    Last Name

    Gender *
     Male Female

    Date of birth

    T-shirt Size (Unisex)

    Dining Preference
     1st Main

    Payment Plan Preference
     Standard Monthly

    More Guests For This Reservation?
     Yes No

    Please list additional information:
    i.e. special diet, special requirements, etc.

     I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions and the Travel Agent Commission/Compensation System.

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