Definition of a “Group Leader”
An individual or entity that organizes and assembles a group of individuals who wish to register and reserve staterooms on a cruise ship as a “group” for any reason and is compensated accordingly. “Groups” are generally formed as a result of a common thread among the members, but, with the approval of Entertainment Cruise Productions, LLC (ECP) “groups” may also be formed or expanded by efforts at the various concerts and performances of the performing Artists.

Purchase of a cabin by a Group Leader
A Group Leader may only qualify individuals for his/her group after their own purchase of a cabin for the subject cruise.

Passenger List
If a person on the list has sailed with ECP within the last three years and is not a past group member of the Group Leader submitting the name, that name will not qualify. Please note that is the intention of ECP to ensure that Group Leaders are properly rewarded for their efforts. To that end, if a name has been cleared on the Group Leader’s list and appears on the manifest of the cruise, the Group Leader will be credited accordingly.

Future Cruises
As long as an individual is actively serving as a Group Leader for ECP then said individual shall be compensated for passengers who continue to book with said Group Leader.

Terms and Conditions of Cabin Purchases
Passengers in any Group must fulfill all of the requirements of any person purchasing a cabin for an ECP program. Such requirements are prominently displayed on the web sites of the respective cruises:

The Jazz Cruise
The Smooth Jazz Cruise
NASCAR: The Cruise
The 80s Cruise
Star Trek: The Cruise
Blue Note At Sea

Failure to complete the requirements disqualifies the person as a passenger and their cabin will not be included in the total cabin calculation of the Group Leader.

Compensation to Group Leaders

3 Cabins $400
4 Cabins $500
5 Cabins $700
6 Cabins $800
7 Cabins $900
8 Cabins $1,000

9 Cabins $1,100
10 Cabins $1,500*
11 Cabins $1,600
12 Cabins $1,700
13 Cabins $1,800
14 Cabins $1,900

15 Cabins $2,500
16 Cabins $2,600
17 Cabins $2,700
18 Cabins $2,800
19 Cabins $3,000
20 Cabins $3,500**

Over 20 Cabins — Agreement with ECP
* 20% Discount on Group Leader's Cabin
** An Additional 20% Discount (total of 40%) on Group Leader's Cabin
The group leader's cabin does not count towards compensation.
The Group Leader may elect to have the amount paid either by check from ECP which will be sent one week prior to sail date or have the amount due applied as an “onboard credit”.