Group Travel

Entertainment Cruise Productions has special programs to assist those seeking to travel in a group or to create a group for any of our cruise programs.

    Typically, Group Travel is presented in the following forms:
  • Travel Agent sales
  • Existing Affinity or Travel Group
  • Our Group Leader Program

We are excited to assist anyone building a group through any of these methods. Below is a brief description of how we handle these opportunities, however, each one is different and we pride ourselves in being able to create and mold opportunities for anyone seeking to sail on our programs.


Entertainment Cruise Productions is proud to be one of the very few theme charter cruise companies which works with Travel Agents on a meaningful commission basis.

We are dedicated to working with and supporting those Travel Agents who actively market our cruise programs.  We are prepared to assist with marketing collateral, co-op money and other materials.  Once a Travel Agent has displayed the ability and interest in selling our programs, their compensation levels and benefits will increase accordingly.

If you are interested in selling any of our cruise programs to your clients, feel free to contact Mark Asher at or by phone at 314.726.7626.  Mark can send you by e-mail or otherwise our procedures, commission schedules and regulations.


If you are a member of an existing affinity or travel group, you may wish to contact us to discuss whether we can provide better pricing or better amenities to your group than you would otherwise receive by making a series of reservations. Again, this process begins with a discussion of the needs and goals of your group, from which we can create a program that is suited just for you and your group. Over the years, we have assisted groups as few as 10 and as many as 140.

If you are interested in discussing the needs of your particular affinity or travel group, feel free to contact Mark Asher at or by phone at 314.726.7626.  Mark can send you by e-mail or otherwise our procedures, commission schedules and regulations.


Over the years, Guests have asked if there could be compensation if they were to amass a group for a sailing or program. In response, we created the Group Leader Program, which provides any guest with the opportunity and incentive to tout the cruise to their friends, colleagues and family and create their own special group. Besides earning money for doing so, the Group itself will benefit from whatever special perquisites or privileges are conferred upon that Group. More than any other program offered by Entertainment Cruise Productions, the Group Leader Program can me molded to fit the needs and objectives of the members of the Group or the desires of the Group Leader.

Definition of a Group Leader

An individual or entity that organizes and assembles a group of individuals who wish to register and reserve staterooms on a cruise ship as a “group” for any reason and is compensated accordingly. Groups typically arise from a common thread among the members, but, with the approval of Entertainment Cruise Productions, LLC (ECP), groups may also be formed or expanded by efforts at the various concerts and performances of the performing Artists.

Passenger List

To begin, the Group Leader should submit to ECP a list of the members of his Group. If a person on the list has sailed with ECP within the last three years or is currently listed by another Group Leader, that name will not qualify. Please note that is the intention of ECP to ensure that Group Leaders are properly rewarded for their efforts. To that end, if a name has been cleared on the Group Leader’s list and appears on the manifest of the cruise, the Group Leader will be credited accordingly.

Communication with the Members of the Group

The method of communicating to the members of the Group in terms of soliciting reservations is up to the Group Leader. Some Group Leaders do the correspondence on their own and others ask that ECP make the contact on their behalf. We are comfortable either way and there is no charge for our assistance if the Group Leader so elects to use ECP. Once a reservation has been made, then ECP shall do all of the follow-up communication to insure consistency and accuracy of information.

Purchase of a Cabin by a Group Leader

A Group Leader may only qualify individuals for his/her group after their own purchase of a cabin for the subject cruise.

Future Cruises

As long as an individual is actively serving as a Group Leader for ECP then said individual shall be compensated for passengers who continue to book with said Group Leader.

Terms and Conditions of Cabin Purchases

Failure to complete the requirements disqualifies the person as a passenger and their cabin will not be included in the total cabin calculation of the Group Leader.

Compensation to Group Leaders

  • 3 Cabins $400
  • 4 Cabins $500
  • 5 Cabins $700
  • 6 Cabins $800
  • 7 Cabins $900
  • 8 Cabins $1,000
  • 9 Cabins $1,100
  • 10 Cabins $1,500
  • 11 Cabins $1,600
  • 12 Cabins $1,700
  • 13 Cabins $1,800
  • 14 Cabins $1,900
  • 15 Cabins $2,100
  • 16 Cabins $2,300
  • 17 Cabins $2,500
  • 18 Cabins $2,700
  • 19 Cabins $2,850
  • 20 Cabins $3,000 (*)
Over 20 Cabins — Agreement with ECP
* Group Leader's Berth is Free

The group leader's cabin does not count towards compensation.

The Group Leader may elect to have the amount paid either by check from ECP which will be sent one week prior to sail date or have the amount due applied as an “onboard credit”.

Becoming a Group Leader

If you are interested in becoming a Group Leader for any of our cruise programs, feel free to contact Mark Asher at or by phone at 314.726.7626.  Mark can send you by e-mail or otherwise our procedures, sales materials and regulations.